Why use Corvus Analysis?

Corvus is more than just "a different perspective." Our background in market research and analysis helps us quickly assimilate the salient features of your field of endeavor. Our deep experience with financial management allows us to factor short- and long-term financial objectives into product/service planning, MIS investment or pro formas for major business system changes.

Often clients seek us out precisely because they are not sure who can help. We are not a "method" consultancy: there is no panacea for all business situations. Our analytical rigor, coupled with agile and creative data gathering, helps us to ask better questions and find better solutions.

Many consultancy practices specialize in particular industries or business structures. At Corvus, we specialize in your business. We believe that the most effective combination is to pair a business owner's hard-won domain expertise with our analysis of their specific situation. Our breadth of market and functional experience, when coupled with our expertise at rapidly assimilating the important features of our clients' markets, allows us to quickly discover actionable, cross-discipline solutions to their problems.

Who is Corvus?


Paul McClellan founded Corvus in 1999. He has filled the roles of Director of Marketing, Business Development, Product Manager, Internal Consultant, Controller, MIS/IT management, due-diligence analyst, technical evangelist and web developer/designer. He has direct experience with diverse markets, such as consumer electronics, professional services, industrial distribution, systems integration, online retailing, media and hospitality. He is familiar with the needs of both product- and service-oriented companies, B2B and B2C. In addition, he has worked with legal, architectural and engineering practices in projects ranging from product/service definition and marketing communications, to restructuring, mergers and acquisition.

Breadth of experience and interest allows us to see what others may have missed. While the majority of his career has been in Marketing and Business Analysis, Paul was trained as a classical pianist and composer. He is also influenced by the philosophy of aesthetic judgement as formulated by David Prall, and the "aesthetic science" of cooking (he can make a profound glace de gibier). Neuroscience, cognition and computability are other areas of continuing interest.